Support & Seminars

You can take advantage of services that go beyond payroll, planning and tax preparation. Our ongoing educational opportunities prepare you to make better financial decisions and help you use your accounting software more effectively.

We are currently holding seminars at the Small Business Center Gaston Colleges:
Lincoln Campus and Kimbrell Campus & Textile Technology Center  >> Print Brochure


A local CPA/accountant discusses how to “set up the books” for your business.

M 3/11 6:30P-9:00P LC 125
TH 3/14 6:30P-9:00P KCC 114B

Tax Issues

A local CPA/accountant discusses financial statement formulation and terminology, self-employment and payroll taxes, tax theory and forms, and aspects of interacting with your finance and accounting professional.

M 3/25 6:30P-9:00P LC 125
TH 4/4 6:30P-9:00P KCC 114B

Basic Accounting Principles

Chart of accounts are defined with a discussion of its importance in preparing reports. In addition, the accounting equation will be covered with an explanation of how debits and credits are used and how they impact your bottom line. Also, there will be a review of what makes up a set of financial statements.

T 4/16 5:30P-7:30P KCC 114A

Basic Accounting Recording Assets & Liabilities

This seminar will discuss assets and why they are important. In addition, it will discuss liabilities and their relationship to assets. There will be a review of what is considered short-term and long-term assets and liabilities and why they are important.

T 4/23 5:30P-7:30P KCC 114A

Basic Accounting Income & Receivables

Businesses want to make money but where does it all go. This seminar will discuss cash flow, how to control receivables, and how to improve collections.

T 4/30 5:30P-7:30P KCC 114A

Basic Accounting Expenses, Payroll & Payables

This seminar will discuss what expenses are, how to pay out, and the impact on cash flow. In addition, it will cover negotiating terms with vendors. Also, it will discuss who the employees are, how we pay them, and payroll taxes.

T 5/7 5:30P-7:30P KCC 114A

Campus Locations

Lincoln Campus
P.O. Box 600 511 South Aspen St.
Lincolnton, NC 28093
704.748.1040 / 704.748.1074 (f)
Kimbrell Campus & Textile Technology Center
P.O. Box 1044 7220 Wilkinson Blvd.
Belmont, NC 28012
704.825.3737 / 704.825.7303 (f)