Is Your CPA Proactive or Reactive?

Why waste energy reacting to problems that never should have happened?

Our firm provides the insight, guidance and customized information to prevent problems before they occur. We’ll help you minimize the hassle by getting expert CFO advice, education and assistance that will help you make sound financial decisions. That’s Certified Proactive Accounting.

Are you racing against the setting sun every time you talk with your accountant? Hourly billing can discourage communication, so when you work with us, you’ll pay an inclusive monthly retainer. We appreciate the fact that you need to focus on your business rather than the number of billable hours you’re using.

Both mid-size businesses and individuals benefit from our wide range of tax, accounting and bookkeeping services. From debt management and tax preparation to payroll and strategic business planning, you’ll get services tailored to your specific requirements. You also benefit from seminars and support that will help you get the most from your accounting software.

Contact us to learn how our proactive commitment can help you turn great challenges into great successes. Your initial consultation is free.